Our Stories

We met over the summer to put together videos of our experiences of accessing support at CAMHS, each of them tells a different experience from our perspective, we hope you find them useful.

Below are a number of stories from people who have used CAMHS

Coming to CAMHS can be hard; this is my experience of the good and bad days. Listen to the lyrics in the background, I chose them as they reflect my story.

I came to CAMHS about five years ago because I was struggling at school and becoming more fierce at home towards my family. CAMHS helped me by talking to me and my family about what was happening. This is my story and how CAMHS helped. I hope that reading this and watching my video could help you and your family.

This is me. My story is about my battle with depression; how it took over my life and how, over time, I've managed to overcome it with help from CAMHS. I did it and so can you.

This is my story about some of the different challenges I have faced over the last few years. This video tells you about this and also about the help I had.

My name is Emma. I started with CAMHS two years ago. This video tells you a few of the things I was going through before I got help and how CAMHS helped me.