Good Morning Britain Health Star Awards

Congratulations to Hannah Thompson, one of our Youth Participation Workers, who was runner up in Good Morning Britain’s Health Star Awards. With over 1000 nominations received in the Children’s Category, this was a fantastic achievement.

Hannah was nominated by her colleagues for the work she has done to develop the role of Health Participation Worker, and the difference that she is making to the children and young people accessing the service.

Colleague Leanne Porter said “I nominated Hannah, because she was the first Youth Participation Worker to exist! She set up ‘participation’ with children and young people, and created the job role. She was employed for the position of ‘Youth Participation Worker’, but because it was a brand new role, no one knew exactly what it would be defined as or what roles and responsibilities Hannah would be taking on. Hannah took it upon herself to create a job role whereby young people and their families can shape mental health services. She has done so much in such a short amount of time...she worked in the role for 18-20 months, and literally she has done an amazing job. The young people are so thankful for her. She has created new pathways for CAMHS. She’s worked one-to-one with individuals and created social anxiety booklets and self-help guides for/with them. She’s created the WHAM Plan with a number of young people, which is the Wellness and Health Action Map, which is a 6 week programme run by young people to other young people. She has brought about link workers in schools, and also generated an approach which makes it easier for young people to gain access to services, by investigating the self-referral/direct-referral process. The list goes on!”

Hannah was invited on to Good Morning Britain to receive a certificate and recognition for her achievements.