Advocacy is available for young people who attend CAMHS.


National Youth Advocacy Service

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NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Services) provide advocacy for the following groups of children and young people:

This may sometimes include children and young people living or placed outside the Staffordshire County Council boundaries.

The service is available to children and young people from the above groups between the ages of 5 to 18 years, and up to the age of 25 for those with SEND, or for care leavers.

How do I get in contact?

You can contact NYAS, or you can ask someone to contact them for you by:


Phone: 0800 808 1001

Web: NYAS secure referral portal

Webchat: Secure online chat and advice room for children and young people

You can also download the NYAS app:

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NHS Complaints Advocacy

NHS Complaints Advocacy provides support and confidential advice to guide complainants and families through the NHS complaints process. This is a free service and is not part of the NHS.

The following contact details may be helpful:

For complainants residing in Shropshire: NHS Complaints Advocacy can be contacted on 0300 456 2370 (Monday to Friday, 0900 - 1700). This service is provided by POhWER.

For complainants residing in Staffordshire: this service is provided by Healthwatch Staffordshire and can be contacted on 0800 161 5600 or email 

For complainants living in neither Staffordshire nor Shropshire: please contact Healthwatch Staffordshire and they will be able to signpost you to the relevant advocacy service in your area.

This information leaflet is produced by Healthwatch Staffordshire:
pdf NHS Complaints Advocacy Booklet