What is CAMHS?

CAMHS is a support service for young people aged 18 and under. It offers support and advice for a wide range of emotional difficulties that young poeple may experience. There are many people that work within CAMHS, such as nurses, doctors, therapists, youth workers and very friendly reception staff.


What else is CAMHS?

Within the broader CAMHS service, there are a number of sub teams that you may come across, including That Place in Burton on Trent, Primary Mental Health Team in Seisdon area, and Paediatric Psychology.

That Place logoThat Place - CAMHS East

56 High Street, Burton on Trent, DE14 1JS
Contact Number- 01283 504860
Check out the That Place Website thatplace.sssft.nhs.uk


Primary Mental Health Team – Seisdon (CAMHS West)

The Primary Mental Health Team covers the South Staffordshire area, they are based in Codsall but the service is delivered locally to you in local libraries or other community venues. The team will work with you individually and also work with other professionals to increase their awareness and understanding of the emotional health issues that affect young people. This means that the teacher or other professional (e.g. school nurse or family support worker) may be able to help the young person without having to make a referral into CAMHS.
Contact us
0300 123 0902


Paediatric Psychology - CAMHS West

The Paediatric Psychology team work in a very similar way to the main CAMHS service. However, the key difference is that we only work with young people who are experiencing distress related to their physical health. We see children and young people with a variety of health problems and/or life limiting conditions. Some of our main referrals are around adjusting to a new diagnosis, coping with treatments or invasive procedures, managing pain or fatigue or dealing with the family impact of physical health. Referral routes are the same as the main CAMHs team – your GP, Paediatrician or any health professional can refer you to us at the address above.

Contact us
CAMHS West, The Bridge, St George’s Parkway, Stafford, ST16 3NE

01785221665 or 01785 257731 ex 3019


There are people who you see at the moment who you can talk to, such as Teachers, GP, School Nurses, Counsellors, they may suggest a referral to the Local Support Team, counselling services and further discussion with your GP. Ask them about whether CAMHS are right for you. They may suggest a different service that can help you at this time.